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I'm a 25yo woman who writes and is a rape survivor. My policy is no judgment so just tell me what's going on and I'll do everything I can to help.

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A dating /sex blogger and coach who is happy to help those that feel that they aren't happy. It's only complicated if you want it to be


I have Wide Experience in C/C++ and .NET programming and i m Here to help you .Teaches Family Values ,,Motivation,Career growth


Self -Learner of php who loves with web -deigning , and development. @uthor of


Dating coach, and love to help people overcome their inner demons. I've helped many people in this area without canned routines or manipulation.


I am a dedicated life coach who takes pleasure in traveling, and sports.I value people and that is why I am here.


Write code when I'm awake... Write poem when I'm asleep :) Yup! Thts me!! I'm programmer for past 5 years & love it!


I'm here to listen and give my support to help you find what your here for and what is the best advice I can give through my experience .


A person who loves life immensely even with it's ups and downs.Passionate about helping people to fall in love with life more n more, again n again.


i love JavaScript,Angular JS,python,php n other languages .


I am young but mature, I struggle with life like everyone else but that what makes me so good at what I do. I am here to help you in any way possible


I have failed many times to be able to give advice.


Engineer, who loves to eat, drink and try to be happy in this sad life. Can try to help people through my experience and from what I have observed


Basically a loner who tries not to look lonely by doing lonely stuff alone and lonely.


I have been a match maker, an agony aunt, a patient listener I can help with matters of heart


Alison is the creator of the “Double Take: two views advice format. She is an experienced advisor credited with bringing advice online! Let me help


writter | designer | developer


Have keen interest in Programming Languages & Software C, C++, Java, Java Script, HTML, VB, Python , Linux, MS Office, Latex, Ubuntu, PHP,SciLab


an Asian Lifestyle Blogger who loves travelling, communicating with diverse people and expert in giving advise in relationship, sex-life, fetishes etc


An Educator, Speaker, Consultant, Mentor & Counsellor helping people live their greatest life, relationships & businesses for a decade. See you soon!


People Who Are Confused About Their Career and Want To Choose The right Path Can Consult me Or With conflicts in their Relationships can take advice.


Ready to help you. Certified java developer.


Teaches Christian Ethics & Family Values, Counsels, Motivates & Helps to Rebuild Self-Esteem & Strained Relationships.


life is too short to cry and compromise with what you and enjoy...


Communication /Relationship /Intimacy /Sexual.. struggling with . another..Let's talk it out..I strive to give new insights, to work it out in oneself

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