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I do learn everyday. Becoming better everyday. And that means I can't be best cause tomorrow is still better.

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Md. Sohel

A JavaScript and Mobile Application Developer who loves to code and also loves to listening music.


Hey buddies.. free to come to me for your all problems. I won't waste your time and guide to best. Question regarding anything are welcome. #Engineer


Can help and work on Swing, J2EE, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, CORS, OAuth, Multi-Threading, Weblogic, Oracle, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, etc.


Working as Software Engineer/Agile Scrum Master. Hobby is practicing programming and designing Software Architecture


i doing my computerscience Engg. and iam here to share my knowledge and also too gain some


i love JavaScript,Angular JS,python,php n other languages .


I am an experienced developer and designer with many years and many large multinational projects under my belt. I foster learning in others.


Software developer for Virginia Tech that pushes the envelope on new technologies, but takes the time to help others understand them.


I am a software engineer passionate about creating systems that people can use and share with other their ideas, projects, and connections.


Computer Programming, especially for the web, is a hobby that I'm pretty good at. I also can do Photoshop, Sony Vegas & Cinema 4d


Developer who love to code. I can teach in english or spanish. Jquery, Css, javascript, PHP, Codeigniter, database problems, Responsive design, html


Co Founder and Developer at Webdefy. Adept in web programming languages like PHP, HTML/CSS, JQuery. Would love to assist people in all kinds.


i had made several projects in core java and i have problem solving capabilities


A web developer with 2.6 years experience in PHP, JavaScript and GIT who loves to play Football and looking forward to help people via my skill sets


Highly experienced AWS, PHP & High Load Cloud and Data Architect working for Liverpool Football Club ( UK ) on website and big data projects

Santhosh D R

Hard core web developer. Sociable. Enjoys friends' company. Loves to travel a lot.

Ian Lim

Software Journeyman. You can ask me on Java (specifically Spring, Mybatis, Hibernate, tons of other Java libraries) or Javascript ...


High school computer science student familiar with HLLs such as Python and JS and to some extent PHP, Ruby, Perl, C++, C#, and Java.


Computer science engineering graduate. Loves DIY projects and open source.


Expert web developer with expertise in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Git and AJAX.

Sandeep Kumar

I'm a Software professional and web geek with 6+ years of experience using Microsoft technologies for Web Applications and Web Sites.


I'm a WordPress developer with over 10 years of experience. I am also fluent in JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, and many other web technologies.

Gabriel Medina

Engineering Manager @ Ooyala México, Web Developer and CIS Consultor, Ruby/Rails + NodeJS/Express/AngularJS developer, among others.


I am developer and I know about MVC 2, 3 and 4. I know REST web service, c# .net, WPF, WCF, Google APIs, Know all type of payment gateway.

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Can help and work on Swing, J2EE, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, CORS, OAuth, Multi-Threading, Weblogic, Oracle, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, etc.
Ask me about: Java Programming jQuery AngularJS Oracle and more