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I am your friend who listens to your every word with same feeling as you will tell me. My spirituality guides me and I will guide you.


I have Wide Experience in C/C++ and .NET programming and i m Here to help you .Teaches Family Values ,,Motivation,Career growth


Self -Learner of php who loves with web -deigning , and development. @uthor of


I'm a 25yo woman who writes and is a rape survivor. My policy is no judgment so just tell me what's going on and I'll do everything I can to help.


I'm here to listen and give my support to help you find what your here for and what is the best advice I can give through my experience .


i love JavaScript,Angular JS,python,php n other languages .


Engineer, who loves to eat, drink and try to be happy in this sad life. Can try to help people through my experience and from what I have observed


I have been a match maker, an agony aunt, a patient listener I can help with matters of heart


Alison is the creator of the “Double Take: two views advice format. She is an experienced advisor credited with bringing advice online! Let me help


Teaches Christian Ethics & Family Values, Counsels, Motivates & Helps to Rebuild Self-Esteem & Strained Relationships.


life is too short to cry and compromise with what you and enjoy...


I'm a guy who has seen it all, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in life, and I'm here willing to help and give advice to whoever asks


Passionate about helping people improve their relationships with family, colleagues and friends


A lawyer turned writer, having meet many people and encountered many flaws in human relationships. Now I write on the topics of love & heartbreaks.


The greatest love you can have, is the love you have for yourself. That being said, don’t forget to put yourself first sometimes. You deserve it.


I'm an experienced relationships & marriage counsellor. I help people find better partners, resolve conflicts and have more fulfilling relationships.


Ordinary, down to earth person who can listen and give you constructive advice on any aspects of life, even outside of relationships and friendships


I'm always there to just talk, give advice and aid in your growth in anyway I can just ask.


* Journalist with expertise in communication, branding, social media, blogging and public relations skills


Engineer who loves programming but at the same time loves presenting my ideas in the best manner I can. I have even helped people with personal issue


Business management postgraduate expert to help people to get results in relationship, business and indian mythology.


Founder of the blog"Love and Relationship. I find fulfillment in helping people solve relationship related problems. Also founder of WOGH a ministry


Hi, I'm Tosha and I am a relationship, dating and family expert. I help people find their loves and keep them. Dating, Marriage, family, lets talk

Balamurugan M

RHCE Certified having 10 Years of Experience in Linux, like to share the knowledge and teach others

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