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Over three years of experience as open minded entrepreneur. IT-driver

Ely Torres

Relationship Expert/Blogger and Aspiring Romance Author at your service!


Just the average nice guy that is very opinionated and likes to help people out in any way possible.

Meghna Or MEG

Biologist, but I love travelling, reading & blogging some lessons of life. Help deal with heart-breaks, encourage to not lose hope on life.


Cool, Creative and Calm. Love to solve problems and help people. I want to use my posts and my life to inspire people.


* a Korean woman who is married to a black man * a mom who has a biracial baby * owns a Youtube channel which has more than 4,000 subscribers


A writer and henceforth, your problem-solver!


Apprentice under Family mental health clinic. Very spiritual and I love to help those in distress. I love to see people succeed!


I'm a relationship coach, blogger & product developer who works with clients all over the world to help them create even more love in their lives.

Not currently online:


I am a musician, a philosopher, and a lifelong thinker. I can provide clarity in many areas.


Consultant. Blogger. Reiki Certified. Inspired by life. Above all a friend, who listens, supports and guides you to the best of her abilities.


Engineer @ Plivo, pythonista, love apis, django, rails, JavaScript HTML/CSS


My experiences with domestic violence and child abduction have shaped both my writing and my work. ow, I enjoy helping others find their strengths.

Kaliee Lynch

“To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.” ― Marilyn Monroe


I'm a coach. I am great a relationship advice. I have been through a lot and know lots of advice.


I have been a match maker, an agony aunt, a patient listener I can help with matters of heart


I've learned from my life experiences and would love to help you get through yours. I'm also here if you just need someone to listen.


Embrace the path you were meant to walk no matter what life offers. Here's a lifeline for those who want to build bridges instead of burning them.


anti-violence advocate, wife, mom, teacher, author, UCLA grad, relationship advice counselor/blogger at


A relationship counselor. Mine is to help you do it Right! and experience a healthy and fruitful relationship that you will forever be grateful for!


Wizpert and passionate about helping people improve their relationships with family, colleagues and friends. Call me!


Smart and Dedicated Wiz expert


Hi everyone! I'm a 20 years old, I have played the piano for more than 12 years!


Engineer, who loves to eat, drink and try to be happy in this sad life. Can try to help people through my experience and from what I have observed


Founder of DateMeDateYou, an International Online Dating, Friendship & Social Networking community. Here to guide and help you.


Life Coach, Holistic Healer and Marketer - when you know what you want and can communicate it correctly, only then you will have success!


Self -Learner of php who loves with web -deigning , and development. @uthor of


I am a dedicated life coach who takes pleasure in traveling, and sports.I value people and that is why I am here.


RHCE certified + Linux Expert + Open Source enthusiast + Handling 100 of servers on daily basis.


An avid Enthusiast , loves to learn from life and exchange thoughts to help everyone around


Working mom, who has been through her fair share of relationship ups and downs. Understands everyone needs someone to talk to and some guidance.


I am a friendly and approachable individual who is easy to talk to. I am not a certified counselor but I am good at giving relationship advice.


math helper, relationship advise, devorce help, cooking recipies, parenting, drawing,

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I am a 33-year old single woman who has made the terrifying decision to start online dating.
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