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Eidan from Spitnball here to check this out


After city life now living off-grid, home schooling etc. First child born in 1979, last in 2001. Experience teaches a lot about parenting. :)


I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 20 years of experience.


Working mom, who has been through her fair share of relationship ups and downs. Understands everyone needs someone to talk to and some guidance.

Mrs Mills

Experienced P-12 teacher, specialising in disabilities and behaviour problems in children and adolescents. And I'm and mum too!


I teach clients how to communicate effectively, helping them get the most from their life & relationships.


Mother of 4 including twin boys. Active in online social media and staying involved in knowledge of child development, marketing, health, and more.


Mother of three, writer, mommyhood mentor, and parenting expert passionate about helping parents stress-less and live happy lives.


I am a Developmental Psychologist, with lots of experience with children and families, especially LD, ADHD and Dyslexia!Be more than happy to help!


Techie. WordPress-er. Toastmaster. Foodie. Optimist. Husband. Dad.


Hello and welcome! I am the mother of a toddler, a RN and a Hypnobirthing practitioner. Moms, birth and babies are my passion.


Rob Guenther is a pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Kenai, AK. He offers regular counseling and productivity tips to help you.

Sarie Nell

A social worker in private practice in Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng. My areas of practice are therapeutic and supporting services to parents.


I am a Purpose Pusher, Writer & Speaker! It is Imperative for us to Grow in every area of life & I desire to assist you in fulfilling your Purpose!


• three year journalist/writer covering an array of topics • married for four years • military spouse for four years

Playboy Mommy

I'm a mom in a wonderfully unconventional family. I'm passionate about sharing life experiences and advice on parenting, relationships and sex.


After 30+ years in corporate management, I love my life as a Christian writer, wife, mother, and grandmother, helping people reach their potential.


Certified Feldenkrias® Practitioner (Somatic Movement Learning Techniques) and Life Student of Empathy Coaching and Compassion Communication.


Being a Dad and husband are the two most important and wonderful things in my life. I'm excited to meet you!


Life coach, writer & speaker who guides parents of kids with ADHD (and other complex needs) to reclaim their sanity and help their kids find success!


I am a writer, Stay at home dad of over 5 years, husband of 15 years, Father of 4 incredible children. A field expert in love, parenting, marriage.


Vegan Mom that loves to make easy kid friendly recipes. We love the Earth and each other.


Childcare provider with knowledgeable experience on Relationships within and outside the family.


Married. mother of 2. loves traveling I've helped many people get through all types of difficulties that life throws

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Offline Clock Ping Me
I'm a Mother of three. My youngest was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. I've dealt with many medical obstacles from Central line to g tubes.
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