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Qualified as a hypnotherapist 30 years ago, added psychotherapy,became a holistic health practitioner and clinical nutritionist and detox specialist


Freelance web designer, illustrator, developer and green smoothie addict

Not currently online:


I have failed many times to be able to give advice.


Self-improvement coach with proven track record: relationships, conflicts, weight loss, personal growth, stress and more! I'll help you solve issues.

Kym Nichole

I'm a Vegetarian Plus Model, Writer/Blogger. I advocate for living a healthy lifestyle at any size while maintaining positive self esteem


.net evangelist, passion about technology


Certified Fitness Trainer/nutritionist specializing in strength, transformations & overall health / I am also a Programmer: HTML5/CSS3 expert


I'm a registered dietitian and yoga instructor who loves raw foods, healthy cooking, vegan baking, and enjoying life.


I help people makeover their medicine cabinet using therapeutic essential oils verses over the counter medications. Ask me about Natural Medicine!


I like cooking, and am a programmer in my day role.


Yoga Life coach, wife and Mom. Loves, cooking, travel teaching to manage relationships. I have helped many students to lead a stresfree happier life

Rita Coelho

Acupuncturist and Vegetarian since 2000. Transpersonal Therapist since 2011. Amateur runner since 1999. Cooking workshops.


Electrical Engineer but an adviser of vegetarianism and healthy living.Assisted many people with tips to be a vegan.


⦁ long-time runner, heathy life lover and a weight-loss expert ⦁ passionate about helping people ⦁ I'll always have a quote or a thought for you


Functional Nutritionist. Board Certified Holistic Nutrition. Helping people get healthy with sound nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Lina Walton

A person whose passion is to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle. An expert in healthy living and curing illnesses through food intake.


houston city slicker. student. pro standby flyer✈. kitchen ninja. pescatarian. characters in my cast: Mike is my main man. Our furball is named Zorra.


Mom & Blogger who loves to cook, create recipes, teach, entertain, live naturally & sustainably and fight hunger in my community.


I am a musician, a philosopher, and a lifelong thinker. I can provide clarity in many areas.


Working mother and blogger passionate about helping families overcome the challenges that stop them from cooking and making healthy choices.


Love counselor/ Wellness counselor( self love) I help people in relationships and learn how to love and care for themselves naturally.


Professor, blogger, editor, social media addict...who loves the Denver Broncos, being fit, playing with my kids and occasionally eating a donut!


I have graduate studies in industrial psychology and guidance, and experience in investment and spiritual counseling.


Registered dietitian, love to cook and eat. I love helping people enjoy eating healthy!


My name is Abed, I'm studying medicine, I'm a PHP programmer, I speak more than language, and I'm an stories Author.


A Business Analyst by profession, fitness has always been a passion for me. I have been successful in helping many people lead a healthy life.

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We are NOT victims of our genes! Epigenetics, the new science of Biology, shows us that we can turn genes ON and OFF via food, thought and belief.
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