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International and South African diversity management, team building and team conflict resolution specialist. We transform conflicted and toxic teams.


English instructor who loves cooking, positive mental that can be applied to crisis situation. certified Cisco associate and background in PHP progra.


I've been a Jane of all trades and so far, master of none. My varied experiences however aid me in guiding myself and my friends towards a happy life.

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Recently named "Worlds Leading Pick Up & Dating Coach" - Cliff's List Magazine, Ashley has been known as the source of success for thousands.


I am young but mature, I struggle with life like everyone else but that what makes me so good at what I do. I am here to help you in any way possible


An Entrepreneur & Spirituality, Life, Business & Relationship Coach who likes to help people from approx a decade's experience and intuition!


A relationship counselor. Mine is to help you do it Right! and experience a healthy and fruitful relationship that you will forever be grateful for!


Advice on relationships, Career development and Spiritual topics.Willing to share my life experiences. Masters degree in Electronics Engineering.


Best-selling author, TV/Radio host - worked with over 40,000 people from all over the world and can answer any dating, sex or relationship question.

Steven Chopade

Christian believer; spiritual explorer; copywriting and creative web content writer; psychological and philosophical expert; and outgoing individual.


Life is short Enjoy it to the fullest


my name is manish chandan, i am an engineering student


Engineer who loves programming but at the same time loves presenting my ideas in the best manner I can. I have even helped people with personal issue


People Who Are Confused About Their Career and Want To Choose The right Path Can Consult me Or With conflicts in their Relationships can take advice.

A.I. Sajib

Tech writer, passionate blogger and portrait photographer. Love to inspire and make people smile. :)


*Strong software design and development experience working with Yahoo and Amazon. *From dust to BMW know how to drive life.


My name is Sean, and I am a programmer, but I also dabble in the arts of relationships, as well as he pondering of life itself.


Certified life coach, passionate about helping people improve their relationships with family, colleagues and friends. Call me!


Hi, I'm Tosha and I am a relationship, dating and family expert. I help people find their loves and keep them. Dating, Marriage, family, lets talk


hii..a good advisor for life problems and at the same time a tehcnofreak so ask me anything about latest gadgets.


Alison is the creator of the “Double Take: two views advice format. She is an experienced advisor credited with bringing advice online! Let me help

Balamurugan M

RHCE Certified having 10 Years of Experience in Linux, like to share the knowledge and teach others


Author of “The Bohemian Love Diaries,” Psychology Today blogger, and creator of the PBS special about relationships, dating and creativity


Communication /Relationship /Intimacy /Sexual.. struggling with . another..Let's talk it out..I strive to give new insights, to work it out in oneself


Teaches Christian Ethics & Family Values, Counsels, Motivates & Helps to Rebuild Self-Esteem & Strained Relationships.


working in junior mobile app developer in burhani technology


The greatest love you can have, is the love you have for yourself. That being said, don’t forget to put yourself first sometimes. You deserve it.

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Writer, editor and blogger in New York, specializing in love, dating, relationships and sex topics.