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A person who loves life immensely even with it's ups and downs.Passionate about helping people to fall in love with life more n more, again n again.


I specialize in the emotional dynamics of groups and individuals doing work that matters, focusing on effectiveness and meaningful collaboration.


Alison is the creator of the “Double Take: two views advice format. She is an experienced advisor credited with bringing advice online! Let me help


Shivmohan Purohit - Oracle R12 Financials


Soundboard & brainstormer extraordinare! in final stages of PhD (Theology). Specialises in supporting creatives & artists, including writers. Call me!


I am like a child, venturing into a new platform of life, trying to understand things beyond me, but I want to do so with a community...


Apprentice under Family mental health clinic. Very spiritual and I love to help those in distress. I love to see people succeed!


Coach/Mentor, Speaker, Author. I work with high-achieving business women in midlife who want to increase their sacred capital & live a rewarding life.


Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Guide and who has supported hundreds in moving through their fears and creating the lives of their dreams.


An advertising creative and commercial media photographer. Creative director. Video director/producer. Photo stylist. Licensed massage therapist.

Not currently online:


Sports official for 8 years, focused my attn on:mentality for teamwork, authority, communication & mental calm.Sociology background for relationships


I am a musician, a philosopher, and a lifelong thinker. I can provide clarity in many areas.


Certified in Understanding Drugs and Addiction . Intervention and Peer mentoring . Talk to me


Advice on relationships, Career development and Spiritual topics.Willing to share my life experiences. Masters degree in Electronics Engineering.


Consultant. Blogger. Reiki Certified. Inspired by life. Above all a friend, who listens, supports and guides you to the best of her abilities.


Embrace the path you were meant to walk no matter what life offers. Here's a lifeline for those who want to build bridges instead of burning them.


Helping people to choose their best career, present their talent to the world, nurturing love in their relationships & live their best lives.


Wizpert and passionate about helping people improve their relationships with family, colleagues and friends. Call me!


I am a world traveler and educator who has been abroad for the last 6. I've loved and lost and know what it's like to fight for what's important.


OBIEE Consultant, who also resolved number of issues across the world including resolving messed up customer/personal relationships. Can I help you?


Self-improvement coach with proven track record: relationships, conflicts, weight loss, personal growth, stress and more! I'll help you solve issues.


Professional Life Coach / Ph.D. - helping people move beyond obsessive thinking and emotional pain to focus on building happy and meaningful lives.


Psychology background with a passion for fitness. Living life through yoga, cooking and running. Love to help others towards a whole, peaceful life.


Recent Ivy Grad passionate about exposing recent HS grads to ways to get the most out of their college experience: academic, personal, professional.


Self -Learner of php who loves with web -deigning , and development. @uthor of


Alternative health and lifestyle writer, expert on transgender, health, sexuality, food and nutrition. Enthusiastic locavore and home cook.


An intellect individual experienced spirituality;


Chemist, pharmacist and herbalist. Social and communication skills, positive attitude, interest in relationships. I love cooking italian food.


Working mom, who has been through her fair share of relationship ups and downs. Understands everyone needs someone to talk to and some guidance.


I am a friendly and approachable individual who is easy to talk to. I am not a certified counselor but I am good at giving relationship advice.


Certified Life Coach with a Practical Heart! Big Life Changes, grief, adoption issues, parenting, aging well, relationships. Adoption agency founder


Teaches Christian Ethics & Family Values, Writes Inspirational Articles, Counsels, Motivates & Helps to Rebuild Self-Esteem & Strained Relationships.


Attorney, educator, writer, speaker, and social engineer passionate about encouraging others to "Follow to Your Dreams" and "Take the Risk"!


Mental Health volunteer who has come through tough times and knows what it takes to be happy, Runs Online CBT Program

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Ido Lanuel


Ido Lanuel
Offline Clock Ping Me
A meditation teacher and a self awareness guide. Teaching people to view life from a brighter prespective thus creating constant growth in their lives