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Mom & Blogger who loves to cook, create recipes, teach, entertain, live naturally & sustainably and fight hunger in my community.


I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes educator who is passionate about helping clients achieve real results and better health!

Lee Ryan

I am a reports analyst and a registered nurse from one of the known companies in the US. I have decent experience on career growth and life.


Ayurveda and Yoga expert who loves to spread the message of these ancient science throughout the globe . BAMS graduate with MD in Alternate medicine


PhD scientist who studies natural alternatives to preventing and treating illness, and communicates this wisdom through writing and speaking.

Dr Rohinee

Dr Rohinee Motwani, Consultant Cardiac Rehabilitation. Certified in lifestyle disease & weight management. Help people prevent heart disease, diabetes


Family physician, a Christian, single parent. I am passionate about supporting people based on my Christian beliefs and personal experiences.


A trained LCHF nutritionist, always keen on challenges, helping people to gain their optimal health.


a Doc with a life defined by his three dreams...a steth, a book and a song


Type 1 diabetic passionate about sharing life's lessons through my cycling and strength training experiences so I can help others with personal growth


Family Physician, Triathlete, based in San Diego, CA

Advert Health

Mr. Brown is among one of the most respected, popular and passionate health Care providers and show hosts on radio.

Hilly Leon

I’m an Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Christian speaker, Nurse, Relationship & Life coach. I am passionate about helping people. Call Me!!


As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I am passionate about educating people about nutrition, supplement and lifestyle changes to achieve health.


Former medical student and researcher who loves technology, traveling, and meeting new people.


practitioner of herbal medicines whose medicines are used in 4 continents and highly effective in arthritis, diabetes, cancer, gastro, psoriasis.


I am a doctor with a keen interest in helping people in all walks of life attain a healthy lifestyle.


I am an American writer currently living in Morocco with my husband, Aziz, and our ever growing collection of stray cats.


RHN, Registered holistic nutritionist and Member of CANNP


Drug expert who is also into healthy stuff


Pharmacist, passionate about empowering people to take control of their health through nutrition, fitness and integrative healthcare.


Board Certified Family Physician & Nutritional Biochemist specializing in the treatment of disease(s) through the proper use of nutrition.


I am a educator, a family doctor, healthcare worker,now ebook writer and internet marketer. I am also a full time life learner.


Physician/surgeon with specialty training in Ayurveda a healing energy science with which I have had great personal and professional experience

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Drug expert who is also into healthy stuff